• Location : 1751, Dukyoungdaero, Kiheung-ku, Yongin-si, Kyounggi-do, Korea (near Suwon Youngtong New City)
  • Area : land 55 acres
  • Business operator : Samsung Life Public Welfare Foundation
  • Date opened : May 2001
  • Main facilities


  • A developed-country type C,C,R.C combining housing, medicine, culture and sports (Continuing Care Retirement Community)
  • Multi-leveled Facility Configuration for providing long-term care
  1. Independent Living Unit (I.L.U) : when able to live independently
  2. Assisted Living Unit (A.L.U) : when assistance needed for daily life
  3. Nursing Home : when 24-hour care needed, e.g. due to Alzheimer’s or paralysis
  • Running a nursery for interaction between the three generations of the old, the young and children, and opening up facilities to local community → “Active Life”